Thursday, April 19, 2007

Internal Martial Arts Association Now Official at UNLV

Well, after much hard work, the Internal Martial Arts Association is now an officially recognized student organization at UNLV with a president and financial officer. Now that we're an officially recognized organization on campus we have since been able to reserve space in the Martial Arts room in MPE (McDermott Physical Education) building. Also, we are now eligible for funding and so we have purchased some basic weapons, stretching equipment, and striking pads.

Last Tuesday, April 10th we participated in UNLV's Unity Fest Variety Show in the Student Union Theater. Three students and I performed Dingshibazhang, one of the students performed part of a traditional Yang form, and I performed the complete 64 Palm Bagua form. Once we finished, we got a really good response from the crowd. It was a nice and brief performance at only about 6 minutes, with good music for each form. I think this was a good venue for us because there was a wide variety of acts including Rap, Hula, Jazz, Indian flute, poetry, and improv. My students were able to perform almost the entire Dingshibazhang form despite only having practiced it for a short time.

Wednesday, April 11th we had a booth at the Unity Fest Festival of Communities Fair and recruited several new members. Slowly but surely we're increasing our presence on campus. I anticipate the next academic year being a lot bigger for the club.

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